Use (Mix) a Distortion Effect on a Snare Drum/Clap

A distortion effect on a snare drum and a clap.

Producers like to modify the sound of snare drum/claps to make it more personal, which we can do with audio distortion effects. However, using a distortion effect on a snare drum/clap can be hard since the resulted sound can easily become an unusable noise. Moreover, we need to place an equalizer after using one or more distortion effects, at least most of the time.

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How to make/program TR-909 drums for EDM

Program TR-909 drums on the Roland TR-909 drum machine

The TR-909 drums are very popular in the world of music. You can hear those sweet drums even in the not EDM genres, for example, Madonna – Vogue. These sounds have some unique characteristics, and for that reason, many artists still like to choose for TR-909 drums.

The original drum sounds come from the Roland TR-909 drum machine, which Roland Corporation released in the year 1983. Roland produced only around 10000 original units of this device and stopped the production in the year 1985. At the time of writing the real Roland TR-909 drum machine costs between 2 en 3 thousand euros. Continue reading “How to make/program TR-909 drums for EDM”

Music Note Rhythm for Electronic Dance Music Elements

I can feel your music note rhythm

Every element in music we hear has a rhythm, and many of these elements consist of music notes, and many people name such a rhythm a “music note rhythm.” People find such rhythms important since it is related to our heartbeat and our body wants to be in resonance with the surroundings. If our heart rate goes up (for example with running), then we typically also like faster songs more, and vice versa.

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Chord progression tutorial: Give your tracks harmony

Playing a chord progression on a synthesizer

A chord progression can be the foundation for a full EDM song. It can also be a guideline for one or more musical parts like a bass, melody, pad, vocals, or something else. You can even play such a progression with an instrument.

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