What Is the First House Music Song Ever?

Every electronic dance music (EDM) genre started once with the first song (track) in that genre, including the house genre. We can learn more about the house genre by knowing more about this genre’s first song.

The Progressive House Genre

In the late 1990s, the Progressive House genre emerged as a new, unique take on traditional house music and related electronic dance music (EDM) styles. Over the years, artists and DJs have immersed themselves in Progressive House music, both sticking to the original qualities and straying from the path a bit. So, what is Progressive… Continue reading The Progressive House Genre

Common Tempos of EDM Genres in Beats per Minute (BPM)

We can use the tempo of a song as part of classifying the music genre of the song. Knowing the common tempos of a music genre can help us understand that genre better, which can help, for example, to make songs for that genre. This post is about common EDM genre tempos.