About Passion for EDM

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Passion for EDM is a website about electronic dance music (EDM). The main goal of this website is to teach people more about EDM through blogging.

The Blog Topics

The possible topics on this website are pretty broad but are at the moment they are all divided into three parts:

  • Production. The production part is about the production (making) of EDM.
  • Disc Jockey (DJ). The DJ part is about the DJ world.
  • Lifestyle. The lifestyle part is about all the EDM topics that are not about EDM production and not about the DJ world.

Why This Website Started

Sometimes when we do something for a long time, we will become better at it. When we become better at something, it requires less thinking. When we do something with less thinking for a long time, chances are we forget some of the real reasons why we do it like that.

Such forgetting happened a lot to me (Markus Kreukniet), which is also why I came with the idea to start this site. I wanted to explain why I do things like the way I do and why it works in EDM production, helping other people, hopefully.

Sometimes after some research, I learn new things about the EDM world. Many times after such research, I can imagine that also other people want to learn the same or similar things. Therefore I also wanted to explain those things.