Music Note Rhythm for Electronic Dance Music Elements

I can feel your music note rhythm

Every element in music we hear has a rhythm, and many of these elements consist of music notes, and many people name such a rhythm a “music note rhythm.” People find such rhythms important since it is related to our heartbeat and our body wants to be in resonance with the surroundings. If our heart rate goes up (for example with running), then we typically also like faster songs more, and vice versa.

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A Basic Chord Progression Tutorial: Give Songs Harmony

Playing a chord progression on a synthesizer

A chord progression can be the foundation for a full EDM song. Such a progression can be a guideline for one or more musical parts like a melody, but we can also use it as a musical part on its own. There is much theory about chord progressions, but the most common in EDM is using only the basics of that theory, which is the focus of this post.

How to make a basic chord progression for EDM songs? A chord progression is a sequence of musical chords. Therefore, when we place at least two chords behind each other, which can be random, we have a chord progression, and we can call it basic. However, it doesn’t mean that such a progression sounds good, but that is opinion-based.

After this introduction, this post goes more in-depth about how we can make basic chord progressions for our songs.

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