What Do TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 in Music Mean?

You might have come across TR-808, TR-909, or TB-303, and you may be wondering what they mean in music. At first glance, these are only letters and numbers. However, they represent some of the most important musical instruments in the history of modern music.

Why Do People Like Electronic Dance Music (EDM)?

Some people don’t like electronic dance music (EDM), yet its popularity has only soared over recent years. So what is it about EDM that draws listeners in and keeps them coming back for more? Why do people like it?

Should I Learn to DJ or Produce First?

DJs and producers are the people we rely on to bring entertainment to our lives. DJs play the music that producers create. But if you want to do both, which is most important to learn first?

What Is a VJ (Visual Jockey or Video Jockey)?

Many people talk/write about VJs, which can be in combination with electronic dance music (EDM). The abbreviation VJ stands for visual jockey and video jockey, and both terms can mean two different things. Moreover, an EDM VJ might do other things than a not EDM VJ.

The Importance of Lyrics in EDM Songs

When we listen to EDM songs, we might hear some lyrics, and they can play a huge role in these songs, but not always. Also, not all of those songs have lyrics. This post gives information about the importance of lyrics in EDM songs.

Is a DJ a Musician?

Some people think that disk jockeys (DJs) are musicians, and some think they are not musicians. However, it is possible to find out that DJs are musicians.