Common women’s rave clothing

A woman is modeling the women's rave clothing, top, hotpants, and shoes, in landscape orientation.

There is many women’s rave clothing out there which you can buy in many different shops. In a way, there is maybe too many clothing and not everything shops sell as rave clothing is rave clothing. To make life easier, you can find here some common women’s rave clothing, which can help you to look like a raver.

It can be fun to know some common women’s rave clothing. When you do know some of those clothing, then you can make complete rave outfits, even combined with some non-rave clothing. Plus of course, going to a rave in a rave outfit can make the rave experience more fun.

So what makes clothing rave clothing? It is a pretty hard question which does not have an easy answer. However, rave clothing has most of the time one or more of these characteristics:

  • Are very colorful.
  • Have in your face patterns/images.
  • Are shiny.
  • Are sexier (show more skin) than non-rave.

When you a rave outfit, then maybe you want to add some common rave accessories to it. Such accessories can improve your look, and they can also be fun.

There two things left to mention which are in a way obvious. First, you can find only clothing here, so can’t find here accessories. Second, shops sell these clothes as female/woman clothing, which is not that always that obvious.


A bodysuit is one of the common women’s rave clothing which you can wear very creative or just simplistic. It is a one-piece form-fitting, and it covers your torso (where your breasts are) and crotch (where your butt is). Also, it may have sleeves, a shoulder strap, and a collar.

Furthermore, a bodysuit looks a lot like a one-piece swimsuit and a leotard. The difference between a bodysuit and a swimsuit or a leotard is that a bodysuit has snaps, hooks or velcro at the crotch, and a swimsuit or a leotard don’t.

For the smart chicks, it may look you can swim in a bodysuit, but you should not do this.

If you want to wear it more creative, then you can combine a bodysuit with a trouser or a skirt. When you combine it like that the torso part of the bodysuit can act as a top, which gives a smooth line since other clothing comes on top of it. Plus the crotch part can serve as underwear, activewear, or as a foundation clothing.

However, if you want to have a more simplistic look, then you don’t have to wear anything on top of the bodysuit. Wearing only a bodysuit like this is pretty common at rave festivals. Except when it is too cold, then you should do something extra on top of it.

A good thing to know is that most textile bodysuits are a bit expandable, so they fit better with the shape of the body.

Body shirts

There are also body shirts available in some shops for ravers. Body shirts look a lot like bodysuits, but there are a few differences. Body shirts:

  • Are more loose-fitting.
  • Can have crotch snaps, but almost never have hooks or velcro.
  • Look like a shirt on the torso part of the clothing.
  • Can be more stretchable in the waist to the crotch area, which improves how it fits.


A dress is probably one of the most typical clothing for females. Most dresses are one-piece clothing, but some consists of two pieces. It can consist of a skirt with an attached bodice (the part from the neck to the waist), which can give a one-piece clothing matching effect.

The skirt can be a skirt of any length. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the skirt becomes, the less formal and sexier it becomes.

However, you can wear dresses with something under them, like hold-ups. So it becomes a warmer on your legs, and you get a different look.

women's rave clothing, hoodie dress
There are also dresses in combination with hoodies, which most shops names these as “hoodie dresses” or as “hooded dresses.” I find these dresses the great for ravers since it has it has a something of an underground look. Also, when you combine them with a bandana, it can give you a cool badass look.


A top is probably more one of the daily clothing pieces, but it is also one of the most visible clothing. Similarly, in the world of raving, there are many types of tops, and one of those is t-shirts for example.

women's rave clothing, top
Furthermore, a top covers a part of your chest, which is usually the most between the neck and the waistline. Plus, the bottom part of tops can differ in length. The shortest ones roughly only cover the mid of your torso, and the longest ones cover about the middle of your thigh.

Sometimes you want to wear your favorite top, but it is too cold for it. When you wear something above it, then it becomes a bit warmer of course. For example, you can wear a coat above the top.

Pairing a top with pants or a skirt is a common way of wearing them. There is not much other clothing to combine a top with, as far as I know.


A hoodie is one of the more casual common women’s rave clothing. However, in the world of raving, there are also very unexpected not casual hoodies.

The more casual (and the most common) form of a hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood on it. Most of these have a muff on the lower part, which you can see as a pocket. Also, most have a drawstring which you can use for adjusting the hood opening.

There are many different types of hoodies, which are more surprising and not casual. Most of these are a combination with another clothing, for example with a:

  • Romper
  • Any kind of top is possible
  • Bodysuit
  • Jacket

Just as mentioned in the dress section, a hoodie with a bandana is a great combination, which can give you a bit of a troublemaker look.


Bras are also known as brassieres, and most women wear them every day as an undergarment. The reason for this is, of course, to support and cover the wearer’s breasts. However, it is not always needed to wear a bra since some clothing has built-in breast support, like a backless dress for example.

Most of the time, bras are worn under clothes, under a top for example. However, some wear it also as outerwear, which happens more in the warmer kind of raves.

You can wear a bra as outerwear in two ways:

  • Wear the bra with a piece of clothing over it, which does not cover the bra fully. So only a strap or both straps is/are visible for example.
  • Wear the bra with nothing above it. When you wear it like that, then it is more like the top part of a bikini. However, there are also bras which have the purpose of being fully visible as outerwear.

Maybe fun to know, up to 85% of the woman may be wearing daily the wrong bra size since. One of the reasons for this is that standards and methods of measurement vary widely. Also, bras are pretty complicated pieces of clothing, since they consist of many parts.


Hotpants are also known as booty shorts, and they are common at the warmer kind of raves, like hot outside EDM festivals. It is a term for extremely short shorts. Because of the short size of those pants, they are in a way a bit sexy.

women's rave clothing, hotpants
When it is too cold for wearing a hotpants, then you can wear them with something under it, like hold-ups. Alternatively, you can wear them with something above it, like a see-through dress. Also, you can combine both possibilities when you want to be more creative.

Furthermore, hotpants are also common in daily life and sports. Plus, maybe a fun thing to know is that many entertainers, like dancers on a stage, wear hotpants.


Shoes are the type of women’s rave clothing that you can wear to every rave. Moreover, there are many types of raves, and there are many types of shoes. However, for each rave are some types of shoes more preferable than the others.

For some reason, not so many people understand this, but flip-flops and slippers are also a kind of a shoe. This fact explains things easier.

When you go to a pool or beach rave, then you probably want to wear some flip-flops or slides. However, when you go to a different type of rave, then you probably want to wear some boots or other women’s shoes.

It can sound a bit boring, but the primary purpose of every shoe is offering protection, even the most stylish/pretty ones. For example, wearing flip-flops/slides at the beach does protect your feet against too hot sand and sharp things. Also, wearing those at the swimming pool protects you against slipping.

Of course, a right shoe for raving is a shoe in where you can comfortably dance in, which is pretty necessary. It is necessary since you probably want to go to a fun rave party, and most of the time the better the rave, the more dancing that happens there.

women's rave clothing, shoes
The selections in shoes are endless. The choices that come to my mind when I think about rave shoes are:

  • They can differ in complexity, less or many details.
  • Colorful/multicolor or not.
  • The height of shoe soles, default low or much higher.

One of the more popular shoes for ravers are platform shoes since these are pretty well-known in the Kandi style clothing. This style gets explained in the ‘Extra: Looking like and being Kandi.’


Hold-ups are also known as stay-ups or as thigh-high stockings. You can see them as huge socks, and when you wear them, they come above your knees.

Ravers wear hold-ups a lot in combination with a mini skirt or a hotpants. They wear it like that since it can look very cool and sexy, and it is warmer on the legs. So with them, you can wear miniskirts and hotpants also when it is a bit too cold for them.

They are stockings with an elasticized band at the top with the purpose to hold itself up when you wear them. Also, they have one or more silicone bands at the top of the inner surface. These bands try to keep as good a possible the hold-ups in position.

For the smart chicks, the silicone can become ineffective when you put lotion, powders, or oils on the place where the silicone bands touch your skin. These things stop the friction of the silicone against your skin.

A second thing for the smart chicks, maybe the size of the hold-up you wear is too small. It is too small when it sits uncomfortably tight, or they give an unflattering muffin-top effect. The elastic bands in a good hold-up give just a bit of right pressure on your thigh.

Some ravers choose to wear hold-ups for classical “stocking top” line.


A coat is a piece of clothing that people most of the time wear for warmth. However, in the fashion for ravers, the purpose is not always mainly for getting it warmer, but more for the style. Moreover, many ravers like to wear a coat over a short or sleeveless top, or over a bra which they wear as outerwear.

Most of the time coats have long sleeves, and they are open at the front. Furthermore, you can close them for example with:

  • buttons
  • toggles
  • zippers

Coats can also have some extra features like for example:

  • collars
  • hoodie
  • shoulder straps


A miniskirt (sometimes written as mini-skirt or a mini skirt) is one of the women’s rave clothing pieces which is almost always sexy when worn. So you can make hot raves even hotter with them.

Each miniskirt is also a skirt, but then with the hemline above the knees, and most of the time at mid-thigh level. Also, this is one of the things what makes it sexy.

A popular combination to wear a miniskirt is to combine it with a hold-up. There are three reasons for this because it can:

  • Look very cool and stylish.
  • Make your legs warmer, so you can wear miniskirts also when it is a bit too cold for it.
  • Stockings with suspenders are less practical than hold-ups.

There are two cool looks you get with a miniskirt:

  • The futuristic women look from a stereotype science fiction. You can get such look by wearing a metallic:
    • Miniskirt
    • Top
    • Boots
  • The sporty or dance look. You can get such look by wearing the same outfit with a miniskirt as such people, for example as:
    • Tennis players
    • Cheerleaders
    • Dancers

Not so many people know this, but a minidress is not a dress, it is for some reason also a skirt. For this reason, such dresses are sometimes called miniskirt dresses. Furthermore, when the hemline is at the upper thigh, then it is called a micro skirt or a micro-miniskirt.

Maybe something fun to know, many know that the miniskirt is an invention from the 1960s. However, in the mid-1920s Josephine Baker wore a banana skirt, which looks like a miniskirt but people just called it a skirt. Also, there is clothing identified that look the same as miniskirts in c. 1390-1370 BCE.

Extra: Looking like and being Kandi

As an extra, I like to explain a bit about Kandi since it is pretty popular in the rave culture. However, it is necessary to understand that Kandi is a bracelet made of multicolor plastic beads and one or more elastic string(s). Moreover, these bracelets will not get explained since it is an accessory and does not have to do anything with women’s rave clothing.

When you wear a visible Kandi bracelet, then you have a Kandi look instantly. However, it can be fun to wear some clothes that match your bracelet, so you get more of a Kandi look.

Moreover, determining such clothes becomes easier when you know what a typical female Kandi raver likes. Such a girly raver loves to:

  • Dance on the of bass of up-tempo EDM tracks.
  • Dance in hot/sweaty nights with the after-hours.
  • Wear faux fur. Of course, we go for fake fur since we don’t hate animals.
  • Dance on platform shoes.
  • Neon lights and smoke machines.
  • Underground culture.
  • Not to be part of the mainstream.

You can now choose women’s rave clothing that fit the likes of a typical female Kandi raver. However, the clothes you chose does not have to match all the mentioned likes.

Choosing Kandi clothes

To help you with choosing clothing I give you a list of things to keep in mind when choosing clothes. These things can be:

    • You should be able to dance comfortably in the clothing.
  • Wear alternative clothing.
  • Wear faux (fake) fur.
  • Making it harder to sweat in the clothes. Most of the time this means the more visible skin, the cooler/breathier the outfit.
  • Wear platform shoes. Such shoes have a pretty high sole.
  • Wear colorful clothing.

Also here, when you are choosing women’s rave clothing, you do not have to satisfy all the things on the list. You can still have a Kandi look if you don’t wear fur for example. Moreover like mentioned before, the only thing you need to get a Kandi look is to wear a visible Kandi bracelet.

Kandi kid

People that wear Kandi are sometimes called Kadi kid. Sometimes this can be seen as strange since adults are also called Kandi kids. However, I and many others see being a Kandi kid as a compliment.

There are two requirements for becoming a Kandi Kid. These requirements are:

  • Wear a Kandi bracelet.
  • Believe in and respects P.L.U.R. or P.L.U.R.R. Moreover, P.L.U.R. is Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, and P.L.U.R.R. is Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Responsibility.

When you meet these two things, then you may be a proud Kandi Kid.

A woman is modeling the women's rave clothing, hoodie dress, and shoes, in landscape orientation.

Conclusion, what are the common women’s rave clothing?

I explained some common women’s rave clothing here. I wanted to describe the clothes with much practical information, and with fun to know information. Furthermore, as an extra, I also explained how to look like and be Kandi.

Maybe there are some common rave accessories that you would like to combine with your outfit.

Have fun with combining some women’s rave clothing for your rave outfit! Also when you know someone who likes women’s rave clothing, feel free to share this post. Additionally, what are for you some common women’s rave clothing?

By Markus Kreukniet

Markus Kreukniet is an electronic dance music (EDM) producer and founder of Passion for EDM. He wants to share his EDM knowledge with the rest of the world. Read more about Markus Kreukniet.

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