Common rave accessories for true ravers

a male and a female wear some common rave accessories

A proud raver likes to show that he or she is a raver. People can make their rave style way more interesting by adding some details, like a few accessories. By knowing some common rave accessories, you can get more easily the style of a true raver.

There many shops where you can buy rave stuff. Many of those sell accessories which are expensive and have a bit over the top look. However, there are many common rave accessories which are in a way pretty cheap and simplistic, which you can also find here.

A typical rave accessory shows that you are part of a raving community and they can be very colorful with some texts on it. For these reasons, you see them a lot at festivals and other rave parties. However, it can be maybe even more fun to show also some accessory in (sometimes boring) daily life!

Pin-back buttons

A pin-back button is probably the cheapest accessory that you can find here. It is a button that you can (temporarily) fast to a piece of cloth, like to a backpack or a jacket. Plus of course, you can fast multiple buttons on something which is maybe a bit boring at the moment!

Those buttons have on the front a place to show why you are a proud raver. Also, they are always (maybe not always?) roundly shaped. Probably the most common pin-back button has a rave smiley on it, which is the icon of the rave culture.


Wristbands are also one of the cheapest and common rave accessories. These are bands which you can wear on your wrist or lower forearm. You can go a bit crazy with these, like wearing multiple wristbands on both wrists!

a male wears a rave wristband
Those wristbands are most of the time made of silicone, which makes them a bit stretchable. Also, some bands can glow, which are the most fun when it is dark. These days, probably the most common rave wristbands have the text “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” on it.


Eyewear is probably one of the most visible accessories. Here you can find only the most common rave eyewear. So you cannot spot here some contact lenses or blindfolds, wink.


In rave outside, on a sunny day, probably the most valuable rave accessory is a sunglass. A good sunglass (with 100% UV protection) prevents the sunlight from damaging and discomforting the eyes. It sounds a bit boring, but they can have very creative shapes!

Glasses and goggles: diffraction, kaleidoscope, and luminescence

Glasses and goggles can have diffraction or kaleidoscope lenses. When you go to a rave with some stage lighting, then these lenses show you some magic right before your eyes!

a male wears a kaleidoscope glass
However, the frames of luminescence glasses and goggles can light up. A good thing to know is that these glasses and goggles make you easier findable in the dark, wink.

Those glasses and goggles can make raves way more fun! However, the goggles are more protective than the glasses, they usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye. Furthermore, you can buy diffraction or kaleidoscope lenses combined with luminescence frames.


Some common rave accessories are bags, which is a solution for many ravers. The reason is that most ravers need to have some stuff when they go raving, but many also want to dance while carrying it. However, when you have the right things with you in the right bag, then you can look cool and rave longer at the same time!


A backpack is most of the time a cloth sack which you can carry on your back. Ravers need a backpack when they want to have some things with them like food or some extra clothing.

Hydration pack

A hydration pack is a backpack or a waist pack containing a reservoir or a “bladder.” The reservoir has a hose and a capped mouth which is for filling with liquid.

Fanny pack

A fanny pack is a small cloth bag usually with a zipper and worn around the hips or waist. Probably the most common usage for this bag by ravers is to have some money or festival tokens in it.

Bandanas and masks

Bandanas and masks are common accessories among many ravers who want to disguise themselves a bit. Both accessories are most of the time worm around the head, but you can wear them also elsewhere on the body. When you wear them, your look can become scarier or way friendlier!

a male wears a rave bandana


A bandana is a piece of cloth which you should wear in a way around your head, like before your mouth (as a disguise) or as a headband. Plus, you can also wear a bandana around your thigh, around your ankle, or as a bracelet.


In the world of raving a mask is something that you wear on your face, and it can cover the whole face or only a part of it. There are also masks that can light up.

Hand fan

Hand fans are pretty common rave accessories, especially for female ravers. You can cool or refresh yourself by creating an airflow with it, which you can do this by waving back-and-forth with it. With one or two hand fans you can also make your dance look way cooler!

a female holds a hand fan
When you have a hand fan opened, it looks most of the time as a half circle. The most of this half circle is generally a thin material, like paper. Also when you close it, then it becomes more like a stick, which is way smaller.

LED gloves

Many ravers wear LED gloves not only to look cool but also to make their movements more interesting. Such a glove is a piece of clothing covering the whole hand, and it has separate openings for each finger and the thumb. However, those make it then tougher to pick some things up, like a cigarette.

Some LED gloves can protect and comfort your hands a bit. The reason for this is that a glove consists of the material cloth, most of the time. The LED lights are in the fingers, which can be not comfortable.

Poi equipment

Poi can mean two things, a style of performing art or the equipment used in a poi performance. Such a performance involves swinging corded weights in rhythmical and geometric patterns. Also, with or without dancing at the same time.

Glow poi is the poi version for ravers, here the equipment contains a light source, and the users are called spinners. Also in the performance, the focus is more on the manipulation of the cord, instead of the head (the weight). A glow poi thing is just about everything that can glow what you can swing, for example, glowsticks swung from shoelaces.

an overview of some common rave accessories

Conclusion, what are the common rave accessories?

I explained some common rave accessories here. These differ the most in how notable and practical they are, and also in price, but I did not mention costs. An extra thing to keep in mind is that LED accessory needs batteries, which can take space and can become empty.

Maybe you want to add some common women’s rave clothing when you are wearing some accessories.

Have fun with adding some accessories to your rave style! Also when you know someone who likes rave accessories, feel free to share this post. Additionally, what are for you some common rave accessories?

By Markus Kreukniet

Markus Kreukniet is an electronic dance music (EDM) producer and founder of Passion for EDM. He wants to share his EDM knowledge with the rest of the world. Read more about Markus Kreukniet.

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