Do DJs Organize the Events Where They Play Music?

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When planning an event, some people might wonder if they can hire a DJ that can also work as an event organizer. The idea could be to save time and money by hiring one person who can do both jobs and pull off a great event.

In most cases, DJs do not organize the events where they play music. However, we can hire a DJ who will also provide extras, such as lighting and stage props, depending on the type of event. Some DJs can also act as an MC (emcee). A skilled DJ will work with your event planner for the best results.

While you may not be able to hire a two-in-one DJ and event planner, you can hire a DJ who will bring more to your event than you might expect. A great DJ has the skills and experience to take any event from dull to memorable. The DJ also may be able to help arrange supplemental entertainment that you haven’t considered before. The type of event you’re planning determines the kind of DJ you probably should hire.

What a DJ Could Organize for You

While a DJ does probably not plan events, he or she should work seamlessly with your event planner to make sure your event is unforgettable. Depending on the type of event you are planning, it should be possible for you to find a DJ who can provide many services and extras that you may not know yet.

  • Music. If you desire, some DJs will work with you to choose a playlist that you love. You will be able to provide specific songs that you’d like for your event or specify one or more song types. DJs have their collections of music that they bring to the event. Some DJs use only digital music, while others specialize in, for example, vinyl records for a different vibe.
  • Lighting. While not a universal benefit, it is common to find DJs that also can provide specialized lighting for your event. From laser lights and disco balls to ambient lighting, feel free to ask if the DJ can coordinate lighting to add pizzazz to the music you’ve selected.
  • Entertainment. Some DJs work with a group of artists that can provide a wide range of entertainments such as magic shows, live music, dancing lessons, or caricature drawing, to name a few. In this case, the DJ may act as an organizing agent for these portions of your event.
  • Fog machines and props. Some DJs will have a collection of appropriate props available for your use to enhance the ambiance of your event. It can be a good idea to ask the venue if fog is allowed. Not every venue allows the use of fog machines.
  • MC (emcee) and announcing services. Often experienced DJs also act as an emcee for an event. A great DJ can keep the event moving along and play a key role in keeping your guests engaged and entertained.
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Types of DJs

Many types of DJs specialize in specific venues. These DJs are probably the best for you to hire if you plan a specific type of event, such as a wedding, luau, or retirement party. A DJ specialized in the type of event you are planning should offer you more help in planning your event than a general event DJ.

  • Wedding DJs. These are one of the most common types of DJ gigs. A wedding DJ should be able to handle many aspects of your event involving music and ambiance. Some couples also choose to use live musicians for parts of their event. A skilled wedding DJ can make transitions from live music to recorded music feel seamless.
  • Corporate Event DJs. Many companies plan events that do not involve a professional DJ. However, a DJ can make all the difference in the employees’ interaction during the event. A company can hire a DJ specialized in game-show-style games, trivia games, and other interactive ice-breaker games.
  • Party DJs. From bachelor parties to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and luaus to dance parties, a party DJ can get the party started and keep it going as long as you want. These DJs often specialize in scratch remixes and sometimes produce their music.
  • Mobile DJs. These DJs can travel far and wide to make the soundtrack for private events. Mobile DJs can join in a conversation with attendees since they are approachable and may also take requests.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. While many DJs work as freelancers, some regularly work in clubs or at a radio station. If you find a DJ that you particularly like, it may be worth asking if they do freelance work as well. Be aware that club DJs likely perform regularly at multiple clubs in different cities. You may find one willing to work for you, but you may find them less easy to work with, and you’ll pay accordingly.

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How To Hire a DJ

It may be easy to find a list of DJs near you with a simple internet search. However, choosing one is probably not so easy. It can help to read their bios and specialties carefully. Also, look for customer reviews. Make a list of possible DJs and arrange to interview each one.

As you’re looking into DJs, you may find ones with all different extras available. Consider if these extras are worth the costs. In some cases, the extras are part of the package to sweeten the deal and get the gig. In other cases, you’ll pay for the extras. However, if the extras will add a big kick to your event, and you can afford it, you should probably go for it. There’s nothing like a great DJ to get you compliments on your party.

Once you narrow down your list and maybe do a few interviews, you could select a DJ that seems to be a great fit for your personality and event. Your DJ is mainly responsible for the music for your event. In most cases, he/she will at least do the following things:

  • Create a playlist with you. A DJ will make a list that includes your favorite songs and maybe make recommendations based on those songs.
  • They will send a playlist for you to preview or get together with you in person to make sure that you approve of the entire song list he/she has chosen. Depending on the kind of DJ you choose, you can give them more free reign over the songs for your event, such as playing songs of a certain genre.
  • Your DJ will note songs/genres you don’t like to ensure he/she does not play the wrong songs or genres during your event.

If you find that your DJ is not working together with you and respecting your preferences, consider changing DJs. Even if you’re in a time crunch, you should probably not risk hiring a DJ that will not deliver the music and mood you’re working to achieve at your event.


While a DJ is not the same as an event organizer, a DJ can work closely with you or your event organizer to create a music and entertainment schedule that will keep your guests engaged and entertained. A great DJ can take an event from ho-hum to incredible.

A DJ may also work with a coalition of artists who can arrange an entertainment program that involves much more than music. While they will probably not be your event organizers, they can effectively work together to create event entertainment that is sure to get you compliments and make memories that last a long time.


By Markus Kreukniet

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