Compose (Make) an EDM Bassline That Works with the Beat

In many EDM tracks (songs) is the bassline the most crucial element. There is an extreme amount of music theory and information about making basslines, which can be very overwhelming. In this post, you can learn some music theory and some practical steps with methods by which we can make a bassline relatively simple.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Professional EDM DJ?

I’ve always enjoyed electronic dance music (EDM) and all the different DJs and genre’s that exist. The thought crossed my mind of even pursuing a career as an EDM DJ, but I thought, wait – maybe it is too late. That piqued my interest, and I started to research just how long it would take.

What Is a DJ Mix (DJ Mix Set)?

When people are talking/writing about DJs or similar subjects, then there are three words pretty popular, which are DJ mix, DJ mix set, and DJ set. Also, these words do all mean the same thing, and this post explains that meaning.

Electro House (Characteristics, History, and Subgenres)

There are many electronic dance music genres, and one of them is electro house. The electro house genre has some characteristics, an history, and some subgenres. This post provides these three things in an overview by which we can understand the genre better.

Make (Produce) a White Noise Riser (Elevator/Whoosh)

A white noise riser (elevator/white noise whoosh) is a common, nice to hear, and a useful sound effect. There are many explanations about making (producing) such a white noise riser, but I haven’t found one that is complete, in my opinion.

Is a DJ a Musician?

Some people think that disk jockeys (DJs) are musicians, and some think they are not musicians. However, it is possible to find out that DJs are musicians.